lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

Direction of URBE

Now I wil show you the direction URBE. It's next to "la avenida 16" and infront of   "la avenida circunvalación 2" , it's diagonal to The Fundation of Zulian Kids and is near " La Plaza de toros".

If I want to go from my house (that is next to Galerias)  to URBE, I have to walk to the right side of Galerias and take a bus that leaves me just infront of URBE

express yourself

This baby is very happy, apparently someone is doing some funny faces at him

This girl is angry, maybe because she hasn't eat yet

This character looks very boring and depressed, because he is in a bad mood

The comment of two songs !.

Here are two great songs, and both have something to show us about life

Jessie J -Price Tag

This video show us that we should  pay less attention to the money or the price tag,and try to enjoy the important things of life ( and it also says that dancing is a great part of it).

Travis McCoy- Billionaire

Most of the people think that having big quantities of money can bring them happiness ; the truth is that what make us happy is sharing most of the money with the persons who relly needs them, this is what the video is trying to tell us. The two main characters explain that if they were billionaires they would share their money with the children that don't have nothing to eat.

Poem for my Dad

This is a poem for you father:

We have a Party!!!

This conversation takes place in Mayleth's house,they are trying to make a hamburguer party, but they need the ingredients something to drink.
Marialys: Hey Guys! I´m making a shopping list for Hamburguer Party, We don´t have anything ja ja ja...
Mayleth: okay, I'm going with you! what do we need?
Marialys: I don't know! call Juan and ask him
Mayleth: Hi Juan what do we need for the party on sunday
Juan: well you to buy some hamburguer bread, meat and vegetables
Mayleth: it´s ok and what about drinks?
Juan:no! we don´t need any, we have soda and Juice
Mayleth:Ok bye see you Sunday

In the end everybody found everything what they need for the party and had a good time !

Description between two countries

We an see that in the U.S.A., the cost of the things that you need to
 live there aren't very expensive (like food and a place to live.It has a population of more than 300.000.000 habitants ( including inmigrants).

Generally, it has a weather of 27C° and a great variety of transportation systems.It isn't the worst country of the world or the one that it has the biggest quantity of grime, but the traffics and the pollutions are very high.


Is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it has a hot weather wich is very good for the people in general (32°C) , it also has a low quatity of pollution , traffic and population.

The bad things of Venezuela would be that almost everything is very expensive and the levels of crime are very high.